Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club Reviews

I have so much love for this place!! It’s so amazing!! It’s like home away from home everything is just so perfect! Shout out to Carmela for giving me a awesome service and for the assistance what a kind and very patience young lady, kudos to all employees of LLVC Dubai

paul mark bacay
The entire presentation was excellent. The staff supplied us with great service and treated us very kindly during our visit. Luis was a great presenter and Yamen also was a great presenter. Carmela helped us with our transport and vouchers and we are very happy and would recommend the lifestyle luxury vacation club to friends and family.

Me and my family had an awesome experience staying in this wonderful vacation club. Their services doesnt just deserve a 5 star but a 10! Also, shoutout to the wonderful Ms.Carmela! She was very polite and professional in every way possible.❤ Kudos to all the staffs.

Niña Marie Bernardo
My family and I had a wonderful experience at Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club Reviews. Every staff member I encountered, especially Carmela, staff were delightful and eager to help! Thank you! Will recommend to my colleagues and friends!

Paula C.
The staff were very convincing and answered our questions. Hose and Alina gave us time to consider our options and to get back to them.
Lovely people and a gift cruise too for listening!

Mabel Nwokoloh
It was nice service indeed Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club!!!
Especial thanks to Carmela for the extra service that you provided us from the start up to the end. Your helpful attitude makes it clear that you can continue to take on new challenges and grow with your company.?????

kate meneses
Thank you for the great service Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club Dubai!!
Thank you as well to Divya it look so easy just with a smiling face and cheerful attitude.
Keep up the good work

Guienel Martinez
I would like take this opportunity to thank LLVC and especially Mohamed Ali and Asmaa Dib how have been extremely helpful though my membership activation.
I would like to give them 100% Thumbs up for all the great assistance from them

Thomas Yieke
I stayed with my family through my LLVC membership and i want to say thank you for the services we received. We stayed with all inclusive and it definitely worth it, you can have more than 20 different restaurants and bars to choose from. Special when you are traveling with kids it’s perfect. Special thank you for customer service team and Lamia, excellent service.

Funky ali
Excellent accommodations and attentive personnel helped us before, during, and after our trip. There are breathtaking views everywhere. The hotel’s location was excellent because there were many activities, attractions, and places to do nearby. The accommodations were beautiful and had decently sized rooms. Overall, a high quality stay combined with really great service. Your time here will undoubtedly be enjoyable!

Accomodations were excellent and staff were very helpful with guiding us before, during, and after our stay. Amazing and great views everywhere. Location was very sharp as there were a lot of events, places, and spots to visit right outside the hotel. Rooms were nicely sized and had a luxurious feel to it. Overall, very nice service mixed with a high class stay. You will definitely enjoy your stay here!

ceejay ceejay
This was an experience of a lifetime. Truly luxury in every meaning of the word. Marwa Derbjar was our customer service representative and I guarantee you there is no better service than that which she presented to us. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable as well as kind and warm hearted. She made the experience of this glorious VIP membership so much more than it already is. Thank you Marwa, you are an angel. Also, Summer Place restaurant is an exquisite Asian restaurant. My favorite dishes were the deep fried eggplant with soy bean sauce, and the beef chow mein. Compliments to the chef!

Hind Hamzah